Fruit Tree Farming


Avocado Orchard


Sunset Ranch is concerned about Hawaii’s limited food supply in the event of a natural disaster or some other unforeseen crisis. In an effort to assist the community with sustainability efforts, we’re focused on educating visitors on highly efficient and productive methods of farming.

Sunset Ranch is pleased to now be offering the following Estate Tours: (i) Estate Wellness Tour, (ii) Estate Farm-To-Table Tour, and (iii) Private Estate Dining Tour. During these tour experiences, visitors  learn about our fruit tree farm (Sunset Meadow), aquaculture site (Charlie’s Pond), bee hives, and avocado orchard in our upper farming area.  Our guests also learn how back yard aquaponics systems are affordable, easy to use and can provide a meaningful food source.  These elegantly designed tours end with a locally sourced meal in our botanical garden (Fern’s Garden).   For more information, or to book an Estate Tour today, please contact us at (808)638-8333.  Mahalo nui loa for your interest and support!