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Sunset Ranch has dedicated a large portion of the property to botanical gardens.  We have a wide variety of native and non-native flora and fauna all around the property.  Sunset Ranch is also continuing to work on plans for an interactive nursery on-site.  The nursery will be located on the southeast portion of the property.  The primary objectives of the nursery at Sunset Ranch are to:  (i) establish a satellite nursery for native Hawaiian flora and fauna in partnership with Hi’ipaka; (ii) educate the local community and other visitors on native versus non-native plants, and (iii) establish a staging area at Sunset Ranch to conduct local hikes into the mauka regions of the valley in an effort to maintain invasive species and to reintroduce native species, where appropriate and able.

(i) satellite nursery

Hi’ipaka is the owner and operator of Waimea Valley.  Waimea Valley  is an 1875 acre sacred Hawaiian preserve that is located just south of Sunset Ranch and home to over 5000 tropical and subtropical plants.  Sunset Ranch and Hi’ipaka see two primary reasons for a strategic partnership:  (i) a satellite nursery at Sunset Ranch provides a facility away from the threat of landslides in the valley, and (ii) the higher elevation at Sunset Ranch provides for a more productive nursery for certain native Hawaiian species.  Sunset Ranch is excited about this partnership, and committed to the benefits this site will bring to Waimea Valley and the community.

(ii) education

Sunset Ranch is excited about using the nursery as a tool to educate the community on native versus non-native plants, and the importance of land conservation and self-sustainability in Hawaii.  The design of the nursery will be interactive in nature and allow children, students, families and visitors to see native plants up close.  Visitors will also be able to learn about invasive species and the history of the surrounding area.

(iii) staging area

Sunset Ranch is also interested in establishing the nursery as a staging area to lead community efforts to maintain invasive species and reintroduce native species, where appropriate and able.  Our vision is for visitors to educate themselves on native versus non-native plants, and then take their newly acquired knowledge into the valley.  We also hope to work with schools and organizations such as the Boy Scouts to organize these efforts into meaningful and effective programs.

We truly believe that the Nursery at Sunset Ranch can be a meaningful tool to advance the causes of land conservation and self-sustainability on the North Shore of Oahu. If you’re interested in our Nursery efforts at Sunset Ranch, or you have any thoughts or feedback, please feel free to contact us through our Contact tab, or call us at (808) 638-8333.  Mahalo!

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