Sunset Ranch is very excited to announce that we’re now officially hosting:  Sunset Ranch Horse Parties!  Guests are provided exclusive access to this private, thirty acre estate for an experience like no other in Hawaii.  Enjoy breathtaking ocean and island views while you spend special time with family, friends and members of our Sunset Ranch horse family!  As with all of our efforts at Sunset Ranch, we’re offering these Horse Parties in the spirit of land conservation and self-sustainability in Hawaii.  Sunset Ranch Horse Parties are available to all Hawaii residents and visitors and include the following:

1.  Exclusive Access to Sunset Meadow:  Sunset Meadow is a five acre grassy area at Sunset Ranch that has spectacular ocean and island views of the entire North Shore of Oahu.  We provide you with exclusive access to this special venue for up to 50 guests.  You can find pictures of Sunset Meadow here;

2. Guided Horseback Rides:  Sunset Ranch will stage horseback rides adjacent Sunset Meadow for guided tours around the property.  We’ll provide up to two horses for your family and friends to interact with, feed and ride at their leisure.  Meet our Sunset Ranch horse family here;

3. Food, Snacks and Refreshments:  While guests are welcome to bring their own food and beverages; Sunset Ranch offers a full lunch menu for your special Horse Party.  Everything from light snacks and water to a full Hawaiian luau menu.  Let us know what you’d like and we’ll be sure to provide it;

4. Tables, Chairs and Restrooms:  Prior to your arrival at Sunset Ranch, our staff will set up tables and chairs for your Horse Party.  Set-up is near our signature eucalyptus tree in Sunset Meadow where guests can enjoy beautiful views and gentle breezes in the shade.  We also provide an air conditioned restroom trailer for your guests.

5. Games:  Sunset Ranch staff will also set-up various outdoor games in Sunset Meadow for your guests to enjoy.  Games include:  (i) horse shoes, (ii) croquet, (iii) bocce ball and more!

6. Land Conservation:  As we do with all of our events at Sunset Ranch, our staff will provide guests with some background on how this special property was perpetually protected, and the importance of private conservation easements to the future of land conservation in Hawaii.  Please check out our About tab and the link within to learn more about these important programs now. 

Sunset Ranch is offering Horse Parties any day of the week, and at various times.  Please call us for more detailed information and pricing at (808)638-8333.  You can also e-mail us inquiries here.  Finally, ‘Like’ us on Facebook for a chance to win a FREE Sunset Ranch Horse Party and Sunset Ranch memorabilia!  Mahalo for your interest and support!

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