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At Sunset Ranch Hawaii, we continue to be focused on our mission of helping advance land conservation and sustainability in Hawaii. Mahalo to INNOV8 Magazine (Go! Airlines) for sharing our story!

Benefit for the Country!

Individual tickets are now on sale for our annual fundraiser! Buy your tickets today at and join us in supporting land conservation on Oahu's North Shore. We expect 500 to 600 guests in Sunset Stables for a 'Town and Country' hoedown!  This is THE event of the year on the North Shore.  Don't miss it!  Mahalo nui loa for support.

Restoration of Charlie’s Pond

In an effort to continue to provide the best possible venue to our clients, we're excited to announce that we have completed the renovation of Charlie's Pond.  This was a much bigger project than originally anticipated, but we're very pleased with the end result.  Here is a summary of our journey to restore one of our most popular features at Sunset Ranch:

Phase I: Empty Charlie's Pond and Prepare the Site for New Liner Installation
The challenge we faced with the old pond was that the liner had cracked beyond repair, and as a result it wasn't holding an acceptable level of water.  We therefore made the decision to commit to the expense of completely restoring the pond.

Once the pond was drained of water, we discovered it was full of almost 30 years of sediment.  What did this mean?  Sludge about five feet deep!  Consequently, we had to bring in industrial grade pumps to remove it all.  No easy task.  While this, along with other discoveries and unfortunate circumstances, presented us with what at the time seemed like insurmountable challenges; we eventually accomplished our objective of succesfully cleaning out the pond.

After the pond was emptied and the old liner removed, pond preparation included shaping of the pond contours and adding filler to the deeper section of the pond.  These efforts were made to create a more efficient and manageable pond.  The pond was then ready for the new and improved liner.  After careful installation, the liner seams were sealed and the perimeter of the pond was secured with cement and hand selected rock.  We brought in truck loads of rock to make certain that not only the entire pond was adequately sealed, but to insure an aesthetically pleasing design.

The pictures below show the important stages of the Phase I renovation at Charlie's Pond:

Phase II: Fill Charlie's Pond with Water and Re-Establish the Waterfall and Stream
While filling the pond with water took longer than we expected; it was well worth the wait.  It was just so satisfying to see a pond FULL of water!  That said, once the pond was complete and full of water, our focus turned to the waterfall and stream.  This element of the restoration, while not as challenging, did require quite a bit of work.  Specifically, this phase included creating a new waterfall and cementing the entire length of the stream with rock.  This has created a new and improved water feature that now runs along the entire south and southwest perimeter of the Charlie's Pond venue.

In summary, upon completion of the renovation of Charlie's Pond, we successfully created a beautiful new feature at Sunset Ranch.  At the same time, we have created a site with which to conduct a small amount of fish farming.  We're very excited about this.  Charlie's Pond now holds approximately forty golden tilapia!  Perhaps someday, with the proper monitoring and certification, we will include a few select Sunset Ranch tilapia in our event menus.

The pictures below show some pictures of the Phase II renovation of Charlie's Pond:

We look forward to your visit to Sunset Ranch!  Schedule an appointment today to see the new and improved "Charlie's Pond"!  For more information, please feel free to contact us at (808)638-8333 or  Mahalo nui loa!

Second Annual "Benefit for the Country"

SAVE THE DATE!  Sunset Ranch is excited to announce that our annual fundraiser for the North Shore Community Land Trust (NSCLT) will be on Saturday, November 3 at 5:00 pm.  Town will be catering the event, and the entertainment will include some of Hawaii's very best.  The NSCLT will also be sharing current projects and an update on their ”Greenprint” intiative.  Please join us on this special evening and support one of the great organizations working hard to protect Oahu’s North Shore.



Charlie's Country Store

In an effort to continue to provide the best possible venue experience to our clients and all visitors, we're excited to announce that "Charlie's Country Store" at Sunset Ranch is now open!
(i) Sunset Ranch Memorabilia and Local North Shore Products
Charlie's Country Store currently offers the following Sunset Ranch memorabilia:  (i) apparrel (including: polo shirts, long sleeve t-shirts, short sleeve t-shirts, and hats), (ii) picture frames, (iii) Contigo coffee tumblers, and (iv) bumper stickers.  In addition, we're teaming up with select vendors to provide locally made cookies and jams for our clients and all visitors.  We'll also be working with certain North Shore artists to offer local artwork to visitors.
(ii) Staging Area for Site Visits and Event Management
"Charlie's Country Store" is centrally located, and in close proximity to, all event venues at Sunset Ranch, including: (i) Sunset Meadow, (ii) Sunset Vista, (iii) Sunset Stables, (iv) Charlie's Pond and (v) Fern's Garden.  The store will serve to not only allow us to provide the best possible customer service to our event clients, but to host site visits for leads and visitors who are interested in learning more about Sunset Ranch and our mission.
We look forward to your visit to Sunset Ranch!  Schedule an appointment today to see "Charlie's Country Store"!  For more information, please feel free to contact us at (808)638-8333 or  Mahalo nui loa for your support!

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